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Built with Indexhibit space shrink.jpg shrink criss cross.jpg hexagon photo.jpg trinagle shrink photo.jpg pentagon shrink photo.jpg walking her Dog shrink.jpg in a Car 2 shrink.jpg eyes shrink.jpg Metro shrink 20x16.jpg on You shrink.jpg City for Pigeons.jpg Forward shrink.jpg shrink.jpg shrink pic.jpg new pic shrink.jpg the Park new shrink.jpg with Umbrella new shrink 2.jpg the Train new pic shrink 2.jpg are they thinking shrink1.jpg the Clouds shrink.jpg 3 shrink.jpg shrink.jpg Dog shrink.jpg collage shrink.jpg Trees shrink.jpg Collage shrink.jpg on Pavement shrink.jpg singing shrink.jpg Stripes shrink.jpg pic shrink.jpg Under Tree 2.jpg 1.jpg Friends 1.jpg Duck 1 11x14 on wood_v2.jpg 1.jpg in a Car 20x24 1.jpg shrink.jpg shrunk.jpg Fields Revised 1.jpg & M 1.jpg Day 1.jpg Red Apples 1.jpg 6.jpg 1.jpg cat 1.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg Art Kitchen 1 20x24.jpg Kitchen 1 20x24.jpg Place 1 36x36.jpg 1 30x30.jpg Bar 1 30x24.jpg 1 30x24.jpg table 1 36x30.jpg 2.jpg Universe 1 36x48.jpg Farm 2.jpg and Guitar 1.jpg 3.jpg 1 30x40.jpg Dog 1 24x30.jpg 1.jpg man portrait.jpg on Donkey 11x14.jpg Landscape 36x40x1_5.jpg on Boxes 24x30.jpg Countryside 1.jpg woman 20x24.jpg